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Ray Network token - XRAY - is a Cardano based cryptocurrency token for a fuelling the Ray platform. Ray is a highly functional open source project that banks on blockchain technology’s permissionless nature to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions and other services.

Withdrawals will be opened soon

Introducing XRAY

What is Ray Network and XRAY token?

Ray Network is an advanced ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain platform. Our goal is to create the best multifunctional (DeFi) wallet for Cardano.

XRAY is a governance token that powers Ray Network ecosystem. This is well positioned for community-led growth, development, and self-sustainability token.

Ticker: XRAY
Policy ID: ae2a0aa5a24b27d9868c4a73b7c08077ac21baade5eca0fa467a2bbd
Fingerprint: asset14y0dxsz9s9nd2lefkqvuu7edqlsg5p70r3wyxa

What is the utility of the XRAY token?

When most services are fully launched, the token will be used as payment for those services, such as premium Ray NFT marketplace placement, Ray KickStart placement, tokens minting, will be used as a governance token, and yield farming in Ray Swap. Later we will announce our B2B solution based on Atala PRISM.

Development team

We are a JavaScript-oriented company located in Kiev, Ukraine.

We provide full circle integrations of different web systems for clients from all over the world based on our framework - Visual Builder. Since 2017 we have successfully implemented several cryptocurrency projects for our clients, and in 2021 we are ready and able to build own ecosystem.

We are a completely open and non-anonymous team, you can find information about the CEO here.

Open Source

Yes, we are fully open source and publish the code under the MIT license. Github repository.

KYC/AML compliance

To successfully launch wallet and DEX, and not to violate laws of different countries, to be in compliance with SEC and IRS requirements, we are in the process of registering the company in Estonia, one of the most loyal countries to cryptocurrency, to get a license to work with cryptocurrencies.

Distribution activities


Stake DelegatorsActive

101,538,200 XRAY

Distribution Info

Delegate your ADA to Ray Network pools and receive rewards in ADA and XRAY.
Use Ray Wallet, Yoroi, Adalite or Daedalus to delegate. Please do not use exchanges or centralized wallets, your rewards may be lost. Pools list

  • 5.5% ROI in ADA per epoch
  • 100,000,000 XRAY in ~3 years; distribution rules
  • 1,538,200 XRAY to early delegators; distribution rules
  • All unrealized tokens will be burned in Epoch 505

Distribution Data

Current Epoch: 0; Total Accrued: 0 XRAY; Undelivered: 0 XRAY


Liquidity ProvidersSOON

134,030,424 XRAY

Support for liquidity providers. To be announced after the release of Ray Swap.


Investors RoundSOON

81,230,560 XRAY

IDE token distribution with vesting period and buy back option. To be announced after the release of Ray Kickstart.

  • ADA/XRAY pair
  • Locking funds in a smart contract for 6, 12, 18 months with an option to cancel the purchase at any time with a 30%, 20%, 10% penalty
  • All unrealized and returned tokens will be burned

XRAY tokenomics

Circulating Supply
406,152,800 XRAY

400 millions XRAY have been minted at genesis and will become accessible over the course of 3 years. The initial four year allocation is as follows:

  • 58.00% to Ray Network community members 235,568,624 XRAY
  • 20.00% to investors with 3-year vesting 81,230,560 XRAY
  • 14.00% to team members and future employees with 3-year vesting 56,681,392 XRAY
  • 8.00% founders and advisors 32,492,224 XRAY
Stake Delegators 25%
101,538,200 XRAY
Liquidity Providers 33%
134,030,424 XRAY
Investors Round 20%
81,230,560 XRAY
Development Fund 14%
56,861,392 XRAY
Founders 8%
32,492,224 XRAY
Distribution Breakdown
Looking for distribution information? Read here.

Governance assets

A community-managed treasury opens up a world of infinite possibilities. We hope to see a variety of experimentation, including ecosystem grants and public goods funding, both of which can foster additional Ray Network ecosystem growth. Ray Network has set the standard for automated liquidity provision: it is now time to set the benchmark for responsible but radical, long-term aligned on-chain governance systems.

Ray Network governance will be live from day one (smart contract release date).

In the meantime, XRAY holders will have immediate ownership of:

  • Ray Network governance
  • XRAY community treasury
  • The protocol fee switch

Initial governance parameters are as follows:

  • 1% of XRAY total supply (delegated) to submit a governance proposal
  • 4% of XRAY supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum
  • 7 day voting period
  • 2 day timelock delay on execution
Do you have any questions?
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